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About e.a.s.l.

Providing financial assistance since 1992 to North Texas visual artists and arts professionals in distress.
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What is EASL?

EASL awards monetary grants to artists who often live within narrow financial constraints—to cover emergency funding in cases of medical crisis, fire or other emergencies.

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Who Benefits?

The EASL Fund is available to visual artists and visual arts professionals who live within a ten county area of North Texas.

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How Can You Help?

Your donation helps artists and arts professionals in serious need. Contributions mean a great deal to the artists and their families.

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Board Members

EASL is operated by a 100% volunteer Board of Directors composed of artists and arts professionals.

Patricia B. Meadows

Patricia B. Meadows has given thousands of hours to the visual arts and to civic endeavors. Best known for her unabashed support of regional artists, she was co-founder of Dallas Visual Art Center and of EASL.

Edith Baker

Edith Baker, long a prolific contributor to the Dallas arts scene, was born and educated in Bulgaria, where she graduated from the American College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

“A small group of prominent artists and art professionals started EASL in 1992 to raise money for artists needing dire emergency funds in the North Texas region. Partnering with Communities Foundation of Texas allowed us to concentrate on fundraising and artists’ needs while CFT handled the process of grant making. Twenty-four years later and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and granted to help artists, EASL is alive, well, and is still true to its original mission. I am very proud to be part of EASL.“
Patricia B. Meadows, co-founder

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to acknowledge the Board of EASL on behalf of all North Texas Artists who have contributed and received a helping hand from this generous organization. The beauty of this concept is that it takes a village of dedicated artists and volunteers, who wholeheartedly support each other at a time when inevitable emergencies occur and when much help is needed. Many artists have anonymously benefited, through the generosity and love of their peers and invaluable volunteers who have created miraculous events for the success of EASL. Good wishes and love to all.“
Edith Baker, co-founder

2016 Board Officers

Kenda North (Dallas) - Chair
Elaine Taylor (Fort Worth) - Vice-Chair
Jim Brightwell (Dallas) - Treasurer
Brett Dyer (Lewisville) - Secretary

2016 Board Members

Jessica Brandrup (Fort Worth)
Lynne Buchanan (Arlington)
Kristin Corr (Irving)
Lee Hill (Fort Worth)
Marilyn Jolly (Dallas)
Robert McAn (Fort Worth)
Sharon McClung (Fort Worth)
Marla Owen (Fort Worth)
Karen Weinman (Fort Worth)

Advisory Committee

Edith Baker, Dallas
Richard Barrett, Dallas
Carol Benson, Fort Worth
Cheri Cetto, Fort Worth
Joan Davidow, Dallas
Laura Elcock, Dallas
Dr. Paul Greenberg, Dallas
Patricia B. Meadows, Dallas
Charles Dee Mitchell, Dallas
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Moncrief, Ft. Worth
Pamela Nelson, Dallas
Larry Newman, Dallas
Sherry Owens, Dallas
Marla Price, Fort Worth
Howard E. Rachofsky, Dallas
Marty Ray, Dallas
John Reoch, Dallas
Deedie Rose, Dallas
Emily Summers, Dallas
Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite, Fort Worth
Ellen Frances Tuchman, Dallas
L. Charles Weatherby, Fort Worth
Kathy Windrow, Dallas
Nancy Whitenack, Dallas