Work in the arts can enrich the lives of creators and audiences alike. Unfortunately, committing to a life in a creative field can leave individuals with limited financial support, and little opportunity to set aside resources for emergencies. Since 1992, EASL has made important emergency services available to North Texas visual artists and arts professionals who find themselves in need of support. Our founders recognized the importance of making sure the people who make the scene so special are able to receive assistance when they are faced with emergencies. Our help makes it easier for artists to endure difficult medical costs, damage from fire, or any other hardships that can create unexpected burdens. Our mission is to be there for these individuals when they require support, so they can continue to share their talents with our community!

EASL support can be used in different ways. Our organization makes funds available through monetary grants to visual artists who are pursuing a career in their field, and those who already in a professional role. We also coordinate with different professionals like social workers and attorneys who volunteer their time and skills to help artists handle their bills.

In order to serve artists and art professionals effectively, EASL relies on generous donations from the public. To make sure our funds are available to those in need, all of our Board positions are 100% volunteer-based. These individuals can have a significant role to play in bringing artists out of difficult situations, and we are proud to help them when they offer up their expertise to members of the visual arts community.

When providing grant funds, we take great care to ensure our resources are helping people who are actively involved in the visual arts, and members of the North Texas community. Recipients must be able to prove that they are active in their field, with documentation of their professional activities. We also ask that they provide evidence they have lived in one of the ten counties served by EASL for at least two years. We also ask that they provide a record of their hardship, and information about their current financial needs. Because our mission is to help the visual arts community in North Texas flourish, part of our grant application process requests that applicants show how their work has contributed to the local creative scene. Grants are awarded in amounts up to $5,000 annually, with a limit of 3 years per artist.

EASL understands how valuable the right support can be for any creative community. Because of this, we take our responsibilities and funds seriously. People who donate can be assured that our application process and board members are careful to assist the visual arts scene in North Texas, and make this a more viable area for our artists!