EASL is committed to making help readily available to individuals in the visual arts community when emergencies take place. In order to make sure our funds are being used responsibly, and are helping those who have given their time and talents to making the North Texas visual arts scene so special, we ask that people seeking our assistance submit a grant application. All applications are handled confidentially, and EASL does not disclose information about applications, or those who have received support.


An applicant must fit the following professional qualifications:

  • The applicant is pursuing a career in the visual fine arts, with a record of professional exhibition and evidence that they have been involved in the North Texas arts community for at least the past two years. (must provide vita or resume)
  • The applicant is a visual arts professional of fine art, with a record of professional activity, as well as evidence of work in support of the North Texas arts community for at least the past two years. (must provide vita or resume)
  • For at least the past two years, an applicant must be a resident of at least one of the following ten counties: Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Parker, Johnson, Ellis, Kaufman, Wise, or Rockwall. Proof of residency in any of the counties for the past two consecutive years is required.
  • The need for financial assistance must be provided, with both the individual’s needs and current financial status given. (Please provide a detailed description of your financial emergency and a list of your average monthly income and expenses to help us understand your emergency situation. If another adult in your household contributes to the total income, please include this information in your financial status.)
  • A current VITA or resume of professional art activity, which should reflect exhibitions and/or significant involvement in the North Texas area (required).
  • An applicant must have references for EASL to contact.
  • An applicant must answer all of the questions listed on the grant application.
  • The application and all supplemental materials have to be submitted before an application is considered.
  • Who we do not fund?

– Family members of an artist applicant will not be eligible for grant funds.

–  artists in a non-visual art field will not be eligible for grant funds. (Examples of non-visual arts fields include but are not limited to music, performing arts and traditional film-making.

– Arts organizations and individual galleries are not eligible for grant funds.

Grant Application checklist: (put in order that is on the application and use checkboxes)

  1. Detailed description of your financial emergency-describe how it has affected your ability to pursue your art career
  2. A list of your general monthly income and expenses to give us a picture of how the emergency has impacted your financial situation
  3. Completed application
  4. Proof of residency (copy of your driver’s license preferred or utility bill with current address)
  5. Resume or vita that should reflect your creative activity in the visual arts or as an arts professional for at least the past two years.

NOTE: A recipient may receive one grant per 365 calendar day period.

Each individual is limited to a Lifetime maximum of 3 grants, not to exceed $5,000 per grant. Previous grant recipients must wait until a 365-calendar year has passed before applying for another grant.


If you qualify for grant support and are in need, or if you believe you know someone who would qualify for support, click here for the grant application.

Scan (pdf-format) and email the completed application and supporting documents to: info@easl.us

Or mail to:

EASL Grant Application

PO Box 224072
Dallas TX 75222

If you ‘snail mail’ your grant application, please let us know at info@easl.us (so we remember to go to the P.O. Box!) Mailing your application slows down the process.